One Night In London Town

It Happened There In London Town
In A Hotel Room So Pretty,
Her Kisses Like An Angels Touch
So Soft, Exploring Gently.

Right There In London Town Her Heart,
Whispered Words So Peaceful.
So Quiet Just My Heart Could Hear
The Words We Left Unspoken.

Her Touch Was Like A Firefly,
It Lit The Darkened Room.
Slowly All The Edges Blurred
Just Her And Me, Our Own Small World.

That Night The World Changed Suddenly
From Black And White To Colour,
Her Body Right There Next To Mine
Our Love Resounding In The Night.

Our Hearts Had Found Their One True Love
And In Our Chests A-Beating
Uttered Silent Words Of Love
To One Another In Greeting.

Each Tender Kiss Burned Through The Night
Like A Beacon In The Dark
Hearts Calling To Their One True Love
Leaving Their Loved Ones Mark.

That Night Each Star In Heaven Shined
A Little Brighter Than Before.
The Bells Of Big Ben Chimed, At Last
She Could Love Nobody More.

As Big Ben Chimed And Stars There Shined
Our Love Burned Through That Night
A Beacon To Each Tender Heart
That Proved Our Love Was Right.

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11 Jul 2008 No Comment

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