One Day

One Day, A Single Tear Rolled Down My Cheek
Curious, I Asked “tear, Why Did You Leave My Eyes?”

And The Tear Replied “you Caused Me To”
“but How?” I Asked Confused

“you Remembered Him” The Tear Merely Replied
It Dawned On Me What The Tear Was Saying

I Had Been Remembering Those Times
Those Times When Everything Was In Bliss

He Was With Me, Filling My Life With Radiance
The Stars Were In My Lap

The Moon Was A Friend Of Mine
I Still Remember Those Nights…

When He And I…we Would Gaze At The Moon
I Still Remember Those Kisses…

That He Would Softly Place
His Every Touch Starting A Swirl Of Emotions

I Still Remember His Soft, Brown Hair…
And The Way I Used To Lovingly Run My Hand Through It

I Still Remember That Promise He Made…
To Never Leave My Side…to Always Be There

I Still Remember The Love We Shared…
But Now….Those Memories Are All I Live By

For His Words Still Echo In My Ears
For My Arms Still Yearn For Him

For My Lips Still Remember His Soft Ones
And Remembering This…another Tear Slid Down My Cheek

I Caught It Just Before It Fell To The Floor
“sorry About That” I Said

“just Keep Going. Separating From Us Isn’t Going To Help
Save Us Tears…he Is Not Worth Us” The Tear Replied

Oh But He Is…he Is” I Whispered I Value My Tears
For They Have Been With Me All My Life

They Have Cried With Me When No One Else Has
And With These Tears Have Come Many A Hand

To Wipe Them Away Comfortingly
I Value My Tears They Have Formed A Sea Of Love

They Have Always Been Sympathetic
I Value My Tears They Remind Me Of The Smallest Moments

That You And I Had Together
I Value My Tears For They Remind Me Of You

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11 Sep 2008 No Comment 1

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