Once The Town’s Rose

In Cafe Saltwater Overlooking The Sea
You Will See Her There Every Day Around Three
Enjoying Her Cappucino She Sits On Her Own
As One Of Great Beauty She Used To Be Known.

One In Her Late Fifties Her Hair Is Dyed Brown
In The Early Seventies She Was Rose Of The Town
But From Her Time Has Taken Some Of Her Beauty Away
And Time Does Not Wait It Ticks On As They Say.

Once The Rose Of The Town Some Three Decades Ago
And Those Of Youth And Beauty Others Wish To Know
Still A Pretty Face Though Showing The Wear Of Time
It Has Been Awhile Now Since She Was In Her Prime.

At 3 P M She Is One You Are Likely To See
At Cafe Saltwater Overlooking The Sea
Her Hair Is Dyed Brown She Was Once The Town’s Rose
The Years On Her Showing Such Is Life One Suppose.

More Shayari by Francis Duggan
27 Jun 2008 No Comment 2

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