Once I Met This Guy

Once I Met This Guy, Who Was A Complete Stranger To Me
I Thought That He Was My Best Frd Meant To Be

As Days Passed And Months Passed By
I Started Liking This Cute Lil Guy

He Made Me Believe That I’m In Love
And In The Sky I Cud Fly Like A Dove

One Day I Told Him That I Like U
U Make Me Feel Safer U Make Me Feel Blue

He Said That U Are A Friend And U’l Always Be
And Love Is Something That I Dont Believe

I Was Left Stunned With Nothing To Say
I Thought That He Was Here To Stay

I Picked Up The Pieces Of My Broken Heart
I Decided To Give My Life A New Start

I Pretended To Be Stronger And Bid Goodbye
I Knew Deep Within Tht Without Him I Wud Neva Die

And Now M Happy And So Gay
And With A Smile I Welcome Each Day

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17 Nov 2008 No Comment 5

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