On The Road

Herman Brood Jumped From
The Roof Of The Hilton,
Johnny Van Doren
Poet Laureate Of The People
Who Blew His Own Trumpet
Down Through The Years.
Jumped From A Window;

Which Takes Me On To
The Great Jed Baker
Who Fell From A Balcony.
There You Have It- Holland
Is Lethal For The Creative
Mind Going Down Hill.
It Creates The Compulsion

To Jump, It’s So Flat,
I Learnt These Facts
On The Road To Sevenbergen.
Sevenbergen In English
Means Place Of Seven Hills.
In Sevenbergen
There Are No Hills.


Sevenbergen, Did The Romans
Come This Way? Did Lupa Have
Seven Tits? How Many Tits
Does A Wolf Have? There’s A
Old Barn In The Town Centre,
Wooden, Creosote-Brown, Like
Something Out Of Bonanza

The Virginian, Or Little House
On The Prairie. If I Look In Through
Its Broken Window;
Will I See Lupa In There
Breast Feeding Jasper And Kees?
Listen To Them Suckle Wolf.
They Growl With Their Lips

As The Milk Goes Down Their Throats
Hence Dutch,
Milk And Growl
Milk And Growl, Gluck, Gluck, Two
Ducks Lapping A Saucer Of Milk
Outside The Creosote Barn
Now. I Fall On My Own Words

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