On Talking To The Caseys

It Has Been More Than Twenty Years And In That There’s Many A Dawn
Since I Have Seen The High Fields Of Green Old Tooreenbawn
My Sister Margaret And Her Husband Michael Casey Lives There And There They Raised Their Family
And It Has Been Two Decades Since Any Of Them I See.

Of Late I Contacted The Caseys Through The Medium Of Skype
But I Do Not Have The Broadband And My Equipment Not Up To Type
It Seems That They Could Not Hear Me Tomorrow I Will Give Them Another Ring
When The Airwaves May Be Clearer Technology Can Be A Strange Thing.

For More Than Forty Years Michael And Margaret Have Been Married The Years Have Rolled On By
A Union That Brought Eugene, Nora, Neil And Michael Four Decades Just Seemed To Fly
It Has Been Awhile Since I’ve Spoken To Them At Keeping In Contact I Seem Slack
But On Just Hearing Their Voices Again Brought Old Memories Back.

Of When I Was Fitter And Younger Years Ago And Far Away
Long Before I Started Balding And My Hair Did Turn To Gray
It Was Nice Hearing Their Voices And Nice To Know They Are Okay
From My Thoughts They Are Not Distant Though I’ve Not Seen Them For Many A Day.

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28 Jun 2008 No Comment 2

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