On A Night So Cold And Windy

On A Night So Cold And Windy,
Fabrice Set Off From France On His Famous Trail Of 1560.

When He Had First Began,
His Life Seemed Like It Would Last Its Span.

He Was In Search Of Spices, Cotton And Gold,
For Years On The Silk Route, He Was Getting Old.

Before He Reached His Destination,
Came The Blistering Winter Season.

Now Traveling Down Persia,
He Was Also Suffering From Asthma.

His Plans Were Solid,
But Soon They Seemed As Though To Be Shredded.

His Tribe Was Bribed,
Abandoning Him At A Place That Nobody Could Describe.

Disowned By His Own Men,
Dazed And Confused, He Asked, “why? How? And When?”

Emotionally, Mentally And Physically Ill-Stricken,
He Found A Caucasian Named Jason.

A New Friend Who Seemed Like An Old,
Also In Search Of Spices, Cotton, And Gold.

He Packed Himself With Helpful Kits,
With A Personality Better Than Those Found In Any Of Them Skits.

Jason Showed Fabrice The Light,
The One He Had Been In Need Of Day And Night.

Soon Fabrice Was Feeling Fine,
Now It Was Time, They Departed At The First Thread Of Sunshine.

Still Mourning About His Misfortune,
Fabrice Told Jason, “there Is No Point For Me To Continue In Action.”

He Had Lost All His Goods,
To The Tribe That Bared Only Falsehoods.

But Jason Was Generous And Wise,
Offered Fabrice A Compromise.

Fabrice Definitely Agreed,
And On They Went With Their Deed.

When They Reached The Place,
They Bargained With Their Best Face.

The First Night They Had Gathered Their Spice,
But More Was To Be Done, So They Waited With Entice.

The Second Night They Outwitted A Con With His Cotton,
A Con, A Crude And Cunning Salesman, His Face Was Rotten.

The Third Night The Hunt For Gold Had Begun,
They Searched And Searched Until They Were Outdone.

On The Fourth Night They Had Made Their Fair Share,
At Daybreak They Were To Head Back, Fabrice Had Declared.

Back On Their Return Route, They Traveled For Days And Days,
Until It Was Time For The Two To Part Ways.

With Everything Put Aside,
It Was Now Time To Decide.

As Part Of The Deal, Jason Took His Three-Fourths,
While Fabrice Took His Share By Stepping Forth.

Jason Was Ashamed By Such Formalities,
Fabrice Comforted Him Gratefully, “i Idolize You The Way Boys Idolize Their Mommies.”

Fabrice Went On And Said, “well, I Am Off To France!”
Jason Smiled, “hopefully We’ll Meet Again If We Have The Chance!”

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