Oh How Fragile This Heart Is

Oh How Fragile This Heart Is,
For Falling In Love With This Beautiful Life,
The Beast That It Is.
Set Free.

From The Darkness In Which It Could Not Feast,
She Could Not See.
The Shackles Swaying Back And Forth,
A Paroxysm Of Hunger,

She Was In Danger.
Amenable To His Persuasion,
She Understood His Every Word,
She Listened To His Every Need,

She Could Not See.
His Dark Ambition,
Evil Intention,
Veiled By His Innocent Face,

His Hands On Her Eyes.
Her Heart Beating At A Rapid Pace.
He Unveiled His Unkept Promises,
His Changed Heart,

She Fell Into Trance.
Broken Promises.
Torn Hearts.
Love Can Give Another Chance.

This Heart Did,
As Big As It Is.
Saved Room For Improvement,
As Hurt As It Is.

Pored Itself On Another Movement,
Her Body Quivered With Excitement.
At The Touch Of His Hands On Her Eyes.
His Fingers Crossed Her Eyes,

Her Eyes Awaited To See His Face.
He Whispered Into Her Ear.
Unweaved Promises.
Believed Words.

United Two Worlds.
Once Split Apart.
Now Together At Heart.
As His Hands Were Coming Off Her Eyes,

Life Was Changing,
Slowly But Surely,
She Was Seeing.
Stars Obscured By Clouds Were Finally Shining.

She Went Deeper,
Into Viewing,
Finding Nothing,
She Could Not See.

Darkness Blinded Her Eyes,
The Very Same Darkness In Which He Left Her In,
A State Of Mind,
A State She Lived In,

In Her Own World,
Broken Promises.
Torn Hearts.

Now Split Apart.
She Opened Her Eyes,
Only To Suffer The Same Fate,
A Relationship So Easy To Make.
So Hard It Breaks.

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