Oh Cruel Life

Oh Cruel Life Oh Calming Breath Leave Me!
Take Away My Life Let My Soul Free

Let Me Go Away From Everyone, Everything
Let Me Be In Peace

This Life, My Life, Is Of No Use
It Is Only There To Abuse

No Is There For Me No One Cares For Me
My Tears Flow Like The Constant Sea

But There Is No One To Wipe Them, But Me
There Is No One For Guidance

No One To Help Me Stand
I Am A Living Corpse On This Land

Oh God! Take Me Away!I Can Not Any Longer Stay
I Have Found No True And Lasting Love

People Have Only Been There To Kick And Shove
I Cannot Bear Their Poisonous Looks

I Cannot Touch Tehri Hands, As Sharp As Hooks
God Take Me Away Before I Get Hurt

Why Are U Being So Curt? Oh Cruel Life Leave Me Before I Take A Knife
And Part With U Even If U Are Unwillling

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18 Apr 2022 No Comment 6

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