Oh, Baby! It’s None Else, But I

Oh, Baby! It’s None Else, But I !
It’s Dark A Lot; And We Can’t See!
It’s Dark Or Light; Dear, We Are, We!
It’s Genderless Oneness Of Glee:

Here, Hardly Matters, She Or He!
Let Senses Wake! And, Shed The Shy!
Oh, Baby! It’s None Else, But I!!
You’re Frightened? Hold Me Fast, And See:

How Comfortable Are, Then, We!!
These Fears And Hesitations Swell:
Making One-Self Plainly Unwell!
Let’s Rise From Sleep: With Senses High!

Oh, Baby! It’s None Else But I!
You’re, Even, Not Normal, In Dreams?
My Future May Not Shine; It Seems?
Though, There Are, Often, Some Sweet Gleams!

Long Back: I Had Lost All My Creams!
But, Your Eyes Make Me: ‘live And Try’!
Oh, Baby! It’s None Else, But I!
It’s All Blooming, Blossomed And Sweet!!

Those Places Invite Us, To Meet!
It Seems, You Have Not Sensed The Heat?
This Sweat In Palms: Is A Hopeful Treat!
This Closeness, Speaks A Lot: Let’s Hear!

This Closeness: Keeps Us Far From Fear!
Share Experiences; With Me Bear!
Drink Love! It’s Wine Immortal, Dear!
Tell Me Now: Where Appears, A Why?
Oh, Baby! It’s None Else, But I!!

More Shayari by Abd Bundeli (Ram Prakash Garg)
16 Sep 2008 No Comment 2

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