Of All The Greatest Relations One Could Ever Get

Of All The Greatest Relations One Could Ever Get,
Friendship Is The Only One, Above Everything.
In Whatever You Do In All Decisions You Make,
A True Friend’s Support Is A Much Needed Thing.

I Always Dreamt Of Having Someone Like You,
One Who Would Hold My Hand Until The End.
Before I Say It This Time That You Are My Lover,
I Would Like To Say You Are My Best Friend.

You Are, And You Were Always There To Help Me,
Through The Times When None Else Seemed To Care.
The Moments We’ve Spent Together, Good Or Bad,
So Many Memories Of Our Love We Have To Share.

When I Look Up There In The Moonlit Night,
I Thank The God Heartily, For Gifting You To Me.
To Have Someone Like You As My Best Friend,
Happy I Am This Day And Happy I Will Always Be.

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