Nuptial Night

Love Nights To Quench Fires
Suleyman Yearns And Always Desires
The Free Happy Spirit Hurrem He Acquires
Hurrem Eager To Entertain, She Never Tires
Her Incisive Cleverness A Sharp Blade Set To Remove
Any Hostility Or Hostilities That Move
Inside The Seraglio As Well As Outside To Prove
Her Absolute Devotion To Her Sultan To Groove

Hurrem Is Her Name And She Is Like Breeze
A Little Merry Soul To Please.
Her Charming Sight Kept Away All Concubines.
He Was Inundated By Her Splendor And Spirit
Any Disobedience Triggered Revenge Was Culprit

Young, Raging Beauty Their Life Would Intertwine
An Overpowering Need Of Possessiveness
A Full-Fledged Temptress Of A Woman With Ferociousness.
Hurrem Her Name Is And Freed She Would Be

The Thick Silky Fiery Red Locks Cascading
On The Red Silk Covering The Connubial Cradle Lingering
There She Lays Waiting For Her Rebirth In Nonchalance
And He, Waiting Aching For His Renaissance.
Her Buttery Soft Skin Relating
The Submissiveness Of Her Virgin Body Alluring
A Superb Creature Unadulterated And Chaste
The Charm And Enticing Taste.

The Magnificent Set To Commence Initiation Rites,
Fervent Nights Elevating Him To Tremendous Heights.
The Volcano Of Sensuality Exploding Into A Lava Stream
Stroking And Savoring The Delicious Cream
Fountains Of Love Erupt Giving Way To Syrupy Nectar,
Discarding All That Yields Ugliness Specter.
A Living Trance For A One Thousand And One Night To Spend
Unremitting Love, Bliss And Vows Never To End
With The Virgin Bloom To Bud Following That Night.
He Swam In The Profound Oceans Of Her Stunning Eyes
Barely Able To Surface And Catch The Stars In The Skies.
She, Overwhelmed By His Regal Presence
Her Sultan Is A Magnificent Handsome Bundle Of Presents
From The First Sight She Fancied And Designed To Have Him Mesmerized.
Call Her A Demon Or Enchantress; She Captivated Him In Her Paradise Crazed

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