Nuktacheen Hai Gham-E-Dil Usko

Nuktacheen Hain Gham-E-Dil Usko Sunaye Na Banay
Kia Banay Baat Jahan Baat Banaye Na Banay

Main Bulata To Hoon Us Ko Magar Aaye Jazb-E-Dil
Us Pay Ban Jaye Kuch Aisee Kah Bin Aaye Na Banay

Khail Samjha Hain Kaheen Choor Na Day Bhool Na Jaye
Kaash! Yoon Bhi Ho Kah Bin Meray Sataye Na Banay

Ghair Phirta Hay Liye Yoon Teray Khat Ko Kah Agar
Koi Poochay Kah Kia Hay To Chupaye Na Banay

Is Nazakat Ka Bura Hoo Woh Bhalay Hain Tu Kia
Haath Aayen To Unhain Haath Lagaye Na Banay

Kah Sakay Koon Kah Yah Jalwahgaree Kis Ki Hay
Perdah Chooora Hay Woh Us Nay Kah Uthaye Na Banay

Moot Ki Raah Na Daikhoon? Kah Bin Aaye Na Banay
Tum Ko Chahoon Kah Na Aao To Bulaye Na Banay

Boojh Woh Sar Pay Gira Hay Kah Uthaye Na Banay
Kaam Woh Aan Para Hay Kah Banaye Na Banay

Eshq Per Zoor Nahin Hay Yah Woh Aatish Ghalib
Kah Lagaye Na Lagay Aur Bujhaye Na Banay

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