Not Even

You Didn’t Say You Were Proud Of Me Very Often 7/1/08
You Could Tell Everyone Else But Couldn’t Tell Me
People Say How Wonderful I Am
But Why Can’t You See That

Why Can’t You Be The One To Embrace It
Why Can’t You Be The One To Tose A Football With Me
Talk About Buying My First Car
Or Listen To What I Say

Instead You Text Some Chicks And Drive Your Car
Help With Lawn Sales, Smoke And Drink
Erase My Exsistence
Let It Re Appear But Only For Five

Your Checked Out
Please Take Your Bags And Don’t Come Back

You Won’t Be There To Fix My Car
Or For My Prom
You Won’t Be There To Tose A Football
On The Beach Or At The Park

Your Not Ditching Me
I’m Ditching You
Like You Ditched All Of Your Kids
Well Know You Know What Its Like

I’m Done Trying To Make You The Man I Want You To Be
You Will Never Be The Dad I Want You To Be
To Me Your Just My Father
And Always Have Been Just My Father

A Man Who I Look Like
Who I Am Half Of
But Take Out Half Of Him And That’s Me

I’m A Better Woman Than You Are A Man
Your Not Even Close
Your Checked Out
Never Been Decked Out

Not Even Close To Becoming A Dad
Because I’ve Kicked You Out
Your No Longer Wanted

Now Your Off The Hook
How Does It Feel To Have The Only One Of Your Five Kids That Talks To You Dis Own You
Well Now You Know How Sara Feels

The Runner Who Hides

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14 Jul 2008 No Comment

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