No One Knows I Am Crying Right Now

No One Knows I Am Crying Right Now
So I Write Away My Pain

All The Things Running Through My Mind
It’s Hard To Stay Sane

As I Sit Alone, On My Own
The Things I Wonder, Are Already Known

The Tears Cascade My Cheeks
And Numb Be To The Bone

I’ve Lost Life’s Little Battles
I Lost Them On My Own

Everything Is Missing
Nothing Fits Together

My Puzzle Pieces Are Scattered
And Will Stay That Way Forever

Secrets I Have So Many Of Them
So Much Pain I Can’t Explain

I’m Stuck Out Here, Life Is Lost
I’m Forever In The Rain

These Pills Don’t Help, They Make Me Sick
I’m Blind And I Can’t See

I’ve Got Years And Years Of Damage
Nothing Will Ever Cure Me

The Things I Wonder, Are Already Known
As I Sit Alone, On My Own.

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30 Jan 2009 No Comment

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