No I Won’t Cry Anymore

No, I Won’t Cry Anymore
But I Will Close My Heart Again

So That All Can See Only
What I Want The Others To See.

I Won’t Open Again My Heart
To Hope, To The Charms Of A Dream Of Love,

To The Embrace Of Your Arms
That Surrounded My Waist,

To Your Sweet Lips That Whispered
Words Of Love Between A Kiss And Another.

Master Of Love, Sublime Poet…
You Who Tuned Up Your Songs

And Wrote Your Poems Only For Me,
You Are The Guilty One…

Yes … Love, Only You.
You Always Entangle Me

To Make Me Suffer As Every Time
That I Have Listened To Your Voice

Full Of Sorcery.You Are A Firefly
Mistaken For Lighthouse,

You Are A Lost Illusion
Among Dunes Of The Desert Sand
Enough, I Don’t Want You…
Go Away… Small Cupid,

Only Poisoned Arrows You Give To Me,
I Don’t Need You Anymore

More Shayari by Amanush Danny
15 Apr 2020 No Comment 11

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