Nimchaa Yaar Ne Jis Waqt Bagal Mein Mara

Nimchaa Yaar Ne Jis Waqt Bagal Mein Mara
Jo Chadhaa Munh Use Maidaan-E-Ajal Mein Mara

[Nimchaa = Dagger; Bagal = Side; Ajal = Death]

Us Lab-O-Chashm Se Hai Zindagi-O-Maut Apani
Kab-Kabhi Pal Mein Jilaayaa Kabhi Pal Mein Mara

[Kab-Kabhi ~ Kabhi Kabhi; Jilaayaa = Bring To Life]

Ajal Aai Na Shab-E-Hijr Mein Aur Ham Ko Falak
Be-Ajal Tu Ne Tamannaa-E-Ajal Mein Mara

[Ajal = Death]

Aankh Se Aankh Hai Ladati Mujhe Dar Hai Dil Kaa
Kahin Ye Jaaye Na Is Joang-O-Jadal Mein Mara

[Jang-O-Jadal= War And Battle]

Na Huaa Par Na Huaa Mir Kaa Andaaz Nasib
Zauq Yaaron Ne Bahut Zor Gazal Mein Mara

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