Night Comes For You

Night Comes For You!
Dawn Comes For You!
Wind Blows For You!
Day Hums For You!

These Flowers Are Meant For Your Hair;
And See, That Sea-Beach Bums For You!
That Rock-Hill Stands Up-Right For You!
Know You:  These Poems Are For You!!

Have You Not Seen, Black Starry Nights?
What They Do Twinkling, At Those Heights?

Your Mirror Shows, Well, Blinking Eye-Brows;
When, Showers Bring-Forth, Maddening Sights!
Your Inside Beauty, Gleams Out-Ward:
And, Makes-Up You; Not Just For You!
It’s Hence, These Poems Are For You!

Who Comes For Whom?
Your Friends Love You!
Intoxicating Trends:
Love You!

If, I’m Too Counted One Of Them:
I’ll Say Then, Both My Ends, Love You!
I Don’t Know What Are You? Yet, Dear,
I Want To Dwell With You, In View!
It’s Hence, These Poems Are For You!

We’ll Know, What Ends,
With Each Sunset!
Who Knows, But,
What Carries Next Day?

This Lovely Sky; These Fragrant Winds;
Enrich Them Selves, With Dust From Clay!
Here Life:  Just Pure Bare-Life, Matters;
And Sprouts From It, Our Joy: Its Clue!
It’s Hence, These Poems Are For You!
Darling, These Poems Are For You!

More Shayari by Abd Bundeli (Ram Prakash Garg)
16 Sep 2008 No Comment 2

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