Never Ending Teardrops

Never Ending Teardrops
Falling At My Feet,

Not Knowing Of The Pain Inside,
Terrors Of The Aching Mind,

My World Of Infinite Happiness
Lies Within A Beautiful Being.

So Pleases, My Crying Soul.
Bearings Of An Untouched Thought

Sweeping Every Inch Of My Varied Mind.
Knowing What I Need To Ease

This Aching Heart That Drags At My Side,
Yet Realizing The Distance Between Our Carefree Love.

Nothing But Images And Thoughts Of You And Me,
Caressing Each Other’s Warm Bodies In Nature’s

Ever Wonderful Atmosphere.
So Pleases, My Crying Soul.

At Least You Know Of The Love
I Hold Inside For You.

Sharing Each Other In The Midst
Of Our Minds And Hearts.

But Until I Return ,My Dear,
I Want You To Know My Love Shall Never Fade.

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12 Oct 2008 No Comment 9

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