Nazar, Nazar Sey Milaaney Key

Nazar, Nazar Sey Milaaney Key Liye Aaougey?
Fir Eik Baar, Pilaaney Key Liye Aaougey?

Khumaar Ab Bhi Hai Baaqee, Yeh Sach Hai, Pahiley Kaa
Jaam-E-Altaaf* Dilaaney Key Liye Aaougey?

Dahar Sey Eik Ham Aagosh Naheen Hain Ham-Tum
Waqt Kuchh, Saath Bitaaney Key Liye Aaougey?

Paas Rah Kar Bhi, Faasaley Banaaye Hain Tum Ney?
Fir Eik Baar Sataaney Key Liye, Aaougey?

More Shayari by Abd Bundeli (Ram Prakash Garg)
08 Apr 2019 No Comment 6

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