Nazar, Nazar Se Milaou, To Kuch Kahun Tum Se

Nazar, Nazar Se Milaou, To Kuch Kahun Tum Se
Tahal Qareeb To Aaou: To Kuch Kahun Tum Se

Qareeb Hain, Jawaan Bhi, Zouq-E-Guftgoo To Ho!
Naqaab-E-Syaah Hataaou, To Kuch Kahun Tum Se

Saath Ahbaab Hain: Sahee Hai! Maantaa Hoon Mein!
Naye Qayaam Banaaou, To Kuchh Kahoon Tum Se

Raqeeb Hongey Yahaan Bhi, Ou Nigaahbaanee Bhi;
Baat Sey Baat Chhupaaou, To Kuchh Kahoon Tum Se

‘Abd’ Ney Baarhaa Jalwah-E-Yaar Deykhaa Hai:
Wahee Jalaal Dikhaaou: To Kuchh Kahoon Tum Se

More Shayari by Abd Bundeli (Ram Prakash Garg)
14 Nov 2008 No Comment 13

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