Najany Kitnay Logo Kay Dilo Ko Dukhaty Hai Muflasy

Najany Kitnay Logo Kay Dilo Ko Dukhaty Hai Muflasy
Kitnay Bachu Ki Khushiya Cheen Lay Jaty Hai Muflasy

Ghar Musibatoo Mai Ghir Jatay Hai Jab Aty Hai Muflasy
Cahnay Waloo Kay Rang Dhang Dikhaty Hai Mooflasy

Jin Ankhoo Mai Aak Ansoobhi Na Aya Tha Kabhi
In Ankhoo Ko Ratay Tanhai Mai Rolaty Hai Muflasy

Jin Gharoo Mai Tha Khoshioo Ka Basera Kabhi
In Gharoo Ki Rah Ghamoo Ko Dikhaty Hai Muflasy

Masoom Dilo Ki Khahishoo Ko Cheen Lay Jaty Hai Muflasy
Moohabt Bharay Dilo Ko Nafrat Sikhaty Hai Muflasy

Humara Sab Kuch Tu Is Nay Hum Say Cheen Liya
Hum Say Aab Bint_e_khalid Aur Kia Chahty Hai Muflasy

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