Nahi Chahiye Dua Kisi Ki

Nahi Chahiye Dua Kisiki
Abb To Farishtoon Ki Dua Hai Humare Aage

Shore-Jaloon1 The Kinare-Baher2
Abb To Garde-Sahil3 Hai Humare Aage

Nahi Andheroon Ka Khatra
Abb To Mahe-Khurshide-Jamal4 Hai Humare Aage

Darr Nahi Namroode-Zafa5 Ka
Abb To Aetimade-Ilahi6 Hai Humare Aage

Charanga7 Hi Charagan Hai Charo Taraf
Zarra Zarra Khurshde-Allame-Taab8 Hai Humare Aage

Har Din Najishe-Ayyam9 Hai
Ae-Yasir Abb To Asma Bhi Jhuka Jukha Sa Hai Tumare Aage

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