Naheen Lugtaa Hain Mujh Ko Kuchh Achha

Naheen Lugtaa Hain Mujh Ko Kuchh Achha Aaj Kul ,
Woh Raihtaa Hain Sawaar Mairay Hawaasoan Pay Aaj Kul

Naa Ho Saamnay To Dil Machal Jaata Hain Daikhnay Ko Uss Ko ,
Gur Ho Saamnay To Kurtaa Hain Dil Malaamut Uss Ko

Ujab Haalut Hain Maire ,
Jo Samujh Se Baaher Hain Maire

Din Bher Uss Ke Saamnay Jaanay Se Kutraatee Huun Main ,
Raat Bher Uss Kii Yaad Main Aansoon Bahaati Huun Main

Woh Tow Ab Bhee Mairee Ik Jhaluk Daikhnay Ko Tarustaa Hain ,
Mager Jub Main Saamnay Uss Kay Jaaoon Tow Kutraataa Hain

Dil Main Ik Nushter Ki Tarah Uss Ka Yeh Rawayyah Utertaa Hain ,
Main Sumujhnay Sai Qaasir Hoon , Kay , Kiyoon Woh Aisa Kurtaa Hain

Mohabbat Kurnay Waala To , Hur Pal Upnay Mehboob Ke Liyai , Duaa Kurtaa Hain ,
Mager , Mujhay To Yeh Lugta Hai Ai Shajar , Kay Woh Hur Waqt Baddua Kurtaa Hain

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