Na Shar-E-Arzu Karna Na Zakham-E-Dil Ayaan Karna

Na Shar-E-Arzu Karna Na Zakham-E-Dil Ayaan Karna
Abas Iss Daur Main Hai Maajra-E-Dil Bayaan Karna

Kise Fursat Ki Jhanke Woh Kissi Ki Aankh Mein Dil Mein
Gawara Ab Kisi Ko Bhee Nahin Apna Zayaan Karna

Hamesha Ghayr Se Bharke Hame Aapnon Ne Luta Hai
Hame Mehfuz Hai Her Ik Bala Se Gulistaa Karna

Jo Jasde Aadamiyat Pe Hain Zakhamon Ka Kare Darma
Jise Matlub Hai Iss Zindagi Ko Jaavida Karna

Nahin Gar Abblapayi Ki Jaanib Dekhna Tumne
Eh Rashad Pir Shararon Pay Safar Tum Begumaan Karna

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