Na Jane Kya Hua Hai Dil Ko,Kya Chahta Hai

Na Jane Kya Hua Hai Dil Ko,Kya Chahta Hai
Kisne Kiya Hai Kabza Yeh Kis Ka Hua Hai..

Yeh Kis Ka Asar Hai Jo Iss Ko Jala Raha Hai
Yeh Nadan Dil Kyun Sambhale Na Sambhalta Hai..

Yeh Ehsaash Kya Hai Yeh Pyas Kya Hai
Yeh Kis Ki Aagosh Me Kho Jana Chahta Hai…

Na Sunta Hai Mera Na Kuch Samjhta Hai
Aaj Bas Me Na Raha Kyun Bekabu Ho Raha Hai..

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