My Woman Of The Night

Slowly She Rises Across The Horizon
To Join With This Starlit Sky And Cast Her Light Upon This Ocean
Causing Soft Silhouette Of Our Love
Against The Dark Blue Clouds She Mesmerises Me.
I Join Her Softly In The Shadows Of Her Wane
As I Leave Behind My Body On The Lonely Rock.
Across The Moonlit And Starry Sky
She Guides Me To Another Land Called Oz.
Where My Lady Lies Patiently Waiting
For Me To Join Her That We May Be One.
And We Become Woman Of The Night!
Trembling Muscles Quake As Ecstasy Takes Full Control,
My Breathing Quickened And My Skin Flushed.
Take Me To Other Plains Far From Here,
Whimpers Escape My Lips As She Gently Caresses My Soul.
Our Hands Begin To Wander Over Each Others Body,
Finding All The Sensitive, Erotic Places They Love Having Touched.
Furious Longing To Find Heaven Boils Our Desire To A Crest,
Pulsating Heartbeats,
Fuel Bodies As We Conquer Our Sexual Quest.
Two Caring Souls Become One Looking Into Each Others Eyes,
As We Journey Into Another World Of Pure Delight.
We Reach As One An Orgasm Of Amazing Pleasure,
That Lasts And Feels Like Forever!
My Body Goes Limp And I Lay Upon Her Chest,
So Satisfied And Full Filled.
I Feel Her Heart Pulsing Against My Body,
Hear Every Pounding Beat So Clearly,
As She Rubs Her Fingers Through My Hair.
This Beautiful Woman Of Mine,
Whom I So Love With My Life.
She Is My Woman Of The Night!

by Chiqui 

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09 Jul 2008 No Comment

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