My Theory

Every Year, I Say The Same Exact Thing,
Pretaining To How Fast The Months Go By.
It Never Fails, When I Say It, It Happens To
Be In July. My Theory Is The Summer Months,
Don’t Stay Around Too Long. For Before You
Know It, We’ll Be Singing Old Winters Song!
There Never Seems To Be Enough Time To
Really Enjoy The Fall. It’s Gone Before You
Know It, Not Having Too Much At All. It Never
Ceases To Amaze Me, Before Halloween Is
Officially Here, They’re Getting Ready For
Christmas And Making Preperations, For
The New Year. I’ve Often Asked Myself, Why
Is Everything So Rushed? Why Can’t We
Savior Each Month, The Way It Was Meant To
Be? But I Guess That’s Human Nature To Get
Ahead, Leaving Less Time, For You And Me

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14 Jun 2017 No Comment 3

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