My Story Is A Tragedy

My Story Is A Tragedy
Be Prepared To Cry

They Say Time Heals All
But That Is A Lie

I Searched My Whole Life
And I Finally Found

The One Meant For Me
Love And Joy Did Abound

How Quickly That Changed
One Ill-Fated Day

Death Claimed My Love
Death Stole Her Away

Maddened By Grief
Consumed By My Sorrow

She Was My Future
Now I Have No Tomorrow

I Stare At Her Picture
I Long For Her Touch

I Can Still Smell Her
I Miss Her So Much

I Pick Up My Gun
And Contemplate Death

What Use In Living
When I Feel So Bereft

But Life Is A Gift
And I Haven’t The Right

So I Put Down My Gun
And Weep Through Each Night

I Mourn For Her Daily
There Is No Relief

My Soul Is Tormented
My Heart Filled By Grief

My Life Without Meaning
No Feelings But Pain

Death Claimed My Lady
I Can’t Love Again

My Bedmate Is Rage
My Friend, Misery

I Live For My Death
Cause She’s Waiting For Me

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