My Soul Is Troubled My Heart In Pain

My Soul Is Troubled My Heart In Pain
I Know I Write This Too In Vain

Oft I Have Met With Disillusioment And In Tears
How Often Have I Placed Happiness In Fading Gains

I’ve Never Learnt, I’ll Never Learn
To Hold Things By The Value Of Their Worth

Sublimal Bliss I’ve Never Craved
But God Can I Have Some Joy Without Pain?

My Heart A Fool’s Heart My Eyes Of A Blind
I Prayed For The Joy That Was Never Mine

Let My Love Remain Unquenched
Let It Flow Like A River Unbound

Over Your Soul, Over Your Heart
Over Your Joys, Over Your Cheers

I Loved You With My Body And My Soul
I Loved You Purely And Freehold

I Loved You With Passion And My Grief
I Loved You With Love That Was Meant To Lose

Happiness Ebbed And Flowed In My Veins
You Became The Soverign Of My Being

Had Me Attending To Your Every Whim
My Love Was My Day And My Night

My Love Was My Treasure And My Might
Dull The Senses Numb The Pain

As With The Price Your Departure Came
Your Happiness For My Tears

Your Warmth For My Frigidity
Your Blossoming For My Withering
Your Brightness As I Fade.

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23 Sep 2008 No Comment 4

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