My God I Heard You

My God I Heard You, Once Again Thanks You
Thanks You! Thanks You! Thanks You

It Was A Dream, But Sounded Real
I Saw You Dialing Fast, In Vain

Contacts Though Failed, Your Zeal Was Real
Then Suddenly, When Dialed Again

It Rang For Me, And Continued
But, I Was Looking At You; Your Face

Your Eyes! And, All Was Quietly Viewed
For Long; Discovering Rays Of Grace

It Rang! And Rang; And Rang Again
Thanks You! I Thought, It Was Some One, Not You

I Wanted, Not To Miss That View
Then Came, A Hint From Your Sweet Eyes

In Moments, Disappeared All Whys
I Lifted! Oh, That Was Your Voice

That View, Went-Off; I Heard The Choice
You, Now, Wanted Me, Talk To You

Thanks You! Thanks You! Thanks You! Thanks You
Your Face Appeared On Phone, With Voice

I Know, Thou Art Always So Nice
My Senses Know You, Voice-And-Face

Your Touch And Scent; Your Charming Grace
But, I Know-Not The Taste, As Yet

Comes In Between, A Flimsy Net
And, Then I Heard You, Once Again

Then Door-Bell Rang: Poured-Out The Gain
My God! I Heard You Once Again Thanks You
Thanks You! Thanks You! Thanks You! Thanks You

More Shayari by Abd Bundeli (Ram Prakash Garg)
17 Oct 2008 No Comment

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