My Eyes Opened To A Lovely Sight

My Eyes Opened To A Lovely Sight,
As My Mind Recounted Last Night
Your Gentle Face Was Asleep,
Making It Seem As Innocent As A White Sheep
A Little Silky Tress Had Taken Refuge Against Your Forehead
While A Small Smile Had Found Its Home On Your Lips
Watching You, I Sensed A New Feeling Inside Me
It Wasn’t Something I Had Felt Before…but It Was Nothing From Which To Flee
I Felt No Need To Worry….No Need To Cry
I Knew You Would Always Stand By
You Would Help My Problems,
You Would Erase Away My Tears
You Would Accompany Me
Whether Night Or Day
Please Don’t Leave Me, Was All I Could Pray
I Had Bestowed So Much Upon You
You Were The Only One I Doted
Smiling, I Planted A Tender Kiss On Your Cheek
And Your Warm Eyes Opened,
Causing My Heartbeat To Quicken
You Wrapped Your Arm Around My Waist
And Snuggled Close, As Your Breath Caressed My Neck
And I Knew Right Then, I Was In Paradise
Your Warm, Comforting Body Let Me Know
You Loved Me….What More Could I Want?
And I Felt A Smile Shape My Face,
As The Twittering Of The Birds Gave Way
To Yet….Another Beautiful Day

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03 Sep 2008 No Comment 1

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