Mukhaute To Bahut Mil Jaate Hain Duniya Mein
Kaunsa Mukhauta Tum Apnaaoge?

Iss Zaalim Bedard Duniya Mein
Aakhir Kab Talak Tum Dukh Se Tilbilaaoge?

Iss Anjaano Kii Duniya Mein
Kab Tak Ghut Ghut Ke Jee Paaoge?

Nahi Samjhegi Yeh Kabhi Iss Dil Kii Gehraayi Ko..
Aakhir Kab Tak Yun Ashk Bahaaoge?

Naa Samjha Hain Isne Kabhi Kisiko Apna..
Kab Tak Tum Rote Jaaoge?

Tum Cheekhoge Chillaaoge..
Kab Tak Khud Ko Yun Saza Dilaaoge?

Mukhaute To Bahut Milte Hain Duniya Mein..
Aakhir Kaunsa Mukhauta Tum Apnaaoge?

Kab Iss Chehre Pe Khushi Laaoge?
Kab Dil Kii Gehraayi Se Muskuraaoge?

Jaao Le Ke Aao Woh Hasi Kaa Mukhauta..
Kha Lo Kasam Use Hii Jeevan Bhar Apnaaoge.

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23 Sep 2008 No Comment 15

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