Mujhse Pehle Us Gali Mein Mere Afsaane Gaye

Mujhse Pehle Us Gali Mein Mere Afsaane Gaye
Mein Isey Shohrat Kahun Ya Apni Ruswaayi Kahun….

Yun To Woh Meri Rag-E-Jaan Se Bhi The Nazdeektar,
Aansuon Ki Dhundh Mein Lekin Na Pehchaane Gaye….

Wahshatein Kuch Is Tarah Apna Muqaddar Ho Gayin,
Hum Jahaan Pahunche Humaare Saat Veerane Gaye….

Woh Zara Si Baat Per Barson Ke Yaaraane Gaye,
Lekin Itna To Hua Ki Kuch Log Pehchaane Gaye….

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