Mujhay Acha Nahi Lagta

Tujhay Dekhay Koi Bhee Aur, Mujhay Acha Nahi Lagta
Too Karay Aur Par Bhee Ghorr, Mujhay Acha Nahi Lagta

Mai Teray Gham Main Kuch Iss Tara Bay Hall Rehtee Hoo
Bhalay Jangal Mai Nachay Morr, Mujhay Acha Nahi Lagta

Mai Tujhay Rokkte Hoo, Minnatain Bhi Kartee Hoo Laikin
Jab Nahi Chalta Mera Zorr, Mujhay Acha Nahi Lagta

Tum Meray Dil Pay Sitam Dhanay Ko Tayar Ho Phir Bhee
Koi Bhee Tujh Pay Karay Jorr, Mujhay Acha Nahi Lagta

“Sawrah” Ham Jiss Pay Karain Etmaad Band Aankhon Say
Wohi Jab Nikal Aye Chorr, Mujhay Acha Nahi Lagta

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26 Jun 2008 No Comment 394

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