Muj Se Pucha Kisi Ne Dil Ka Matlab

Muj Se Pucha Kisi Ne Dil Ka Matlab,
Maine Huus Ke Keh Diya Thikana Uss Ka,

Jub Pucha Ki Ye Bahar Kya Hoti Hai,
Maine Keh Diya Uff Sharmana Uss Ka,

Uss Ne Pucha Ke Suhani Shaam Kise Kehte Hai,
Maine Keh Diya Mahoobat Mein Itrana Uss Ka,

Jub Pucha Ke Milan Ki Raat Kisse Kehte Hai,
Maine Keh Diya,Ankhe Baand Kar,

Dil Mein Bus Jana Uss Ka,
Fir Pucha Ke Btao Ye Qyamaat Kya Hai,

Maine Ghabra Ke Keh Diya Ruuth Jana Uss Ka,
Maut Kehte Hai Kise,Jub Kissi Ne Muuj Se Pucha,
Maine Ankhe Poonch Kar Kaha,Chood Jana Uss Ka

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05 Aug 2008 No Comment 24

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