Mohabbat Marr Nahi Sakti

Mohabbat Marr Nahi Sakti
Hai Tumse Bass Yehi Kehna, Mohabbat Marr Nahi Sakti..

Tera Har Baar Mere Khat Ko Parhna Aur Ro Dena..
Mera Har Baar Likh Dena Mohabbat Marr Nahi Sakti..

Kiya Tha Humne Campes Ki Nadi Par Ik Haseen Wada..
Bhale Pare Humko Marna Mohabbat Marr Nahi Sakti..

Jahan Mein Jab Tak Panchi Chehekte Urte Phirte Hein..
Hai Jab Tak Phool Ka Khilna Mohabbat Marr Nahi Sakti..

Purane Ehed Ko Jab Zinda Karne Ka Khiyal Aaye..
Mujhe Bass Itna Likh Dena K Mohabbat Marr Nahi Sakti..

Agar Hum Hasraton Ki Qabar Mein Hi Dafan Ho Jayen..
To Yeh Kutbon Pe Likh Dena K Mohabbat Marr Nahi Sakti..

Purane Raabton Ko Phir Naye Wade Ki Khawhish Hai..
Zara Ik Baar To Kehna Mohabbat Marr Nahi Sakti..

Gaye Lamhat Fursaat K Kahan Se Dhoondh Kar Laaoun ..
Woh Pehron Haath Par Likhna Mohabbat Marr Nahi Sakti !!

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