Miti Da Bawa Bnaea

Miti Da Bawa Bnaea ,
Is Bawe Te Mein Tail Chdaea,

Ap Bnaea Apne Hthi Dudh Pilaea,
Jd Loki Lge Poojn Is Nu ,

Merea V Dil Kr Aaea,
Ik Rati Mein V Apna Dard Sunaea,

Soh Rub Miti Da But V Akhian Bhar Aaea ,
O Rat Nai Bhuldi Yaro ,

Jd Miti Da Bava V Rub Varga Najr Aaea,
C Ta O Miti Yaro , Pr Lagea Rub Varga ,

Jd Mein Kale Beh K Hal Dil Da,
Kise Apne Vang Sunaea , Kise Apne Vang Sunaea.

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