Minds Lock In Times

He Was Better Received When Perceived A Joke.
You Know…
Those Kinds Of Folks Made To Look Like Fools,
To The Locals In Small Neighborhoods.
Where Gossip Remains Fresh.
And Time Stands Still!
Like Some With It To Kill Think It Should.
And They Do The Best They Can…
To Bring Back Each Moment Of It,
If They Could By Not Letting The Past Go.

He Would Look Upon Them As If They Were Lessons To Him.
As He Wondered Why They Thought Themselves,
To Be Above Law And Sin.

When He Spoke They Would Laugh,
Thinking Him Weird And Showing Indifference.
And As He Grew Older Their Antics Made Him Bolder.
Leaving Them In His Mind Behind…
As The Children They Were!
Trying Now To Climb Out Of Deep Holes They Dug!

The Moral Of This Story?
To Thine Own Self Be True.
Eventually It Leaves To See Others…
With Pretentions To Undo.
If Only They Knew How To Do That To Grow!
And Minds Lock In Times Gone By,
Never Do!
Nor Can One Who Is Idle…
Move Mountains.
Just Lips To Age With Sagging Mentalities,
Left To Whisper Their Agonies.

More Shayari by Lawrence S. Pertillar
27 Jun 2008 No Comment 3

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