Mind Of Mine

The Truth Be Told
Everything Is Starting To Unfold
The One Thing I Was Told I Couldn’t Do
Is Suddenly Painfully True
It’s All Too Much
I Can’t Even Eat My Lunch

Looked Into The Eyes, I Knew Were So Very Blue
My Glaze Stuck There As If It Were Glued
It Was There I Found Some Truth
The Undeniable Proof
That He No Longer Cared
Even After All The Time We Had Shared
He Spoke Of Being Friends, And Friends We Shall Stay
That’s Fine I Say, After My Thoughts Had Already Strayed.

These Days I Can’t Help But Cry
Doesn’t Matter How Hard I Try
Fifteen Years Is Quite A While
My Brother Could Always Make Me Smile
We Were Two Of A Kind
Always Had The Same Thing On Our Mind
My Brother And I
Had Always Loved Cherry Pie
How I Miss Him So
These Days Seem To Be Slow
Over A Year Ago, I Watched Him Go
To The Airport, He Was Took
Never Even Gave Me A Second Look
Please Stay Here With Me Was My Plea
He Didn’t Hear, He Took His Flee.

As My Heart Wants To Scream
My Nephew’s Pull Me From My Daydream
Beautiful Smiles On Their Face
As We Play A Game Of Chase
Such Innocence And Common Sense
These Boys Would Always Be The First Ones I’d Miss.
Never In All My Sixteen Years
Have I Had A Bigger Fear
Of Not Being Here…
Their Mother, I May Not Be
Though I Would, If The Choice Was Up To Me.

I Sit On My Bed
And Watch The Sunset Overhead
Reds, Oranges, Purples, And Pinks
All In The Sky As Beautiful As Can Be
Staring At My Paper, Pencil In Hand
I Imagine A Place
Where No One Knows Me By Face
Then I Lightly Trace
As If The Picture Is Already There
I Sketch Away My Despair
Draw And Draw Til It’s Right
Taking My Time, Long Into The Night
And At The End, It’s My Tears That I Must Fight

Tears Gone, Drawing Done
Time To Go To Sleep
I Lay Down, Close My Eyes
But I Only Start To Think, And Then See
Past, Present, Hopeful Future, All Images
Running Through My Mind,
Til Finally I Drift Off To Sleep
At Least Until My Dreams Wake Me.

Six A.M., Monday Morning
Time To Start My Week
Call Him Just To Hear Him Speak.
Always A Sweet Treat
Silently I Smile To Myself
When He Asks What I’m Thinking
Cuz Only I Know What’s In This Mind Of Mine

More Shayari by Allysyn Bryant
01 Sep 2008 No Comment

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