Meri Shayari Ki Jaan Wo Hai

Meri Ghazalo Ki Pehchan Wo Hai,
Meri Shayari Ki Jaan Wo Hai,

Mere Nazmon Ki Labaz Unse Hai,
Mere Jazbat Ke Har Shabad Unse Hai,
Mere Nagmon Ki Muskan Wo Hai,

Khuda Ka Diya Hua Ek Khitab Ho Aap,
Meri Ghazalo Ki Muqamal Kitab Ho Aap,
Mere Khayalaton Ka Paigam Wo Hai,

Chand Sa Chehra Aankhein Kamal Jaisi Hai,
Agar Mano To Wo “Raaj” Ki Ghazal Jaisi Hai,
Mere Zindagi Ka Akhiri Anjam Wo Hai.

By Rajnish Raaj

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17 Sep 2012 No Comment

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