Mere Khat Woh Padh Ker Yun Jala Diya

Mere Khat Woh Padh Ker Yun Jala Diya Karte Hain,
Aisa Lagta Hain Mere Armaanon Kaa Woh Katal Ker Diya Karte Hain

Jal Kar Woh Tukde Yun Mere Daaman Mein Bichh Jaate Hain
Aakhir Kyun, Mere Khat Kaa Jawaab Woh Yun Diya Karte Hain

Khafaa The Mujhse Woh, Mein Manane Ke Liye Tha Raazi,
Hazaaron Khawaishe Mein Mitaane Ke Liye Tha Raazi,

Apni Tamannaon Ko Dabaane Ke Liye Tha Raazi,
Magar Woh Chahne Waalon Pe Nazar Kaha Diya Karte Hain,

Saanson Mein Mehekta Hain Aaj Bhii Unka Ahsaas,
Kis Tarah Door Kar Paunga Aise Jazbaat,

Phir Se Aaj Sone Ki Koshish Mein Hoon Juta, Raat Kuch Thami Si Hain,
Badi Zoro Kii Hain Barsaat, Bheeg Jaana Kaha Munaasib Hain,
Unke Diye Ashk Hii Mujhe Bigho Diya Karte Hain

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06 Sep 2014 No Comment 39

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