Mere Apane Mujhe Tanha Kiye Jate Hain

Mere Apane Mujhe Tanha Kiye Jate Hain
Dekar Zahar Pyaar Ka

Mujhe Rusva Kiye Jate Hain
Peekar Her Gum Apna Hum,

Duniya Ke Liye Muskraye Jate Hain
Dard Ko Zahir Bhee Karein

To Kyaa Hasil Hogaa
Her Dard Ko Dafan Kiye Jate Hain

Yun To Karate Hai Bahut Pyaar Zindagi
Se Hum Phir Bhee Her Roz Kafan Odhe Jate Hain

Ye Aansun Bhee Paraye Ho Chale Hain Ab
Jo Meri Aankhon Ka Saath Chode Jate Hain

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22 Aug 2008 No Comment 42

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