Mera Bharat Meri Jaan Suno

Meraa Bharaat Hai Meri Jaan Suno,
Mein Luta Dun Khushi Se Jaan Suno,

Mere Bharat Ke Nahi Hai Jesaa Koi,
Jis Mein Janmein Bade Mahaan Suno,

Jashn Azaadi Ka Bhi Sab Manao Tum,
Aaj Azaad Huaa Tha Mera Hind Suno,

Nehru, Indra, Rajiv Yaad Aaye Hai,
Kleja Fatta Aaj Meraa Yeh Bhi Suno,

Iss Desh Ki Khatir Jaan Gawaai Sab Ne,
Or Hans Te – Hans Te Aaj Yeh Bhi Suno,

Qurbani Dekar Bhi Na Sudhraa Bharat,
Kitne Dukh Ki Baat Hai, Yeh Bhi Suno,

Wahi Gareebi, Wahi Lachari, Hai Aaj Bhi,
Har Taraf Jhut, Or Beimani Ye Bhi Suno,

Kyun Na Pighle Ye Netaao Ka Dil Jaane,
Chor, Jhute Neta Hai Sare Ye Bhi Suno,

Aaj Aankh Roi Bahut “Bibbo” Ki Dukh Se,
Kash Qurbani Unki Kaam Aati Ye Bhi Suno.

By Hameeda Ameer

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18 Sep 2011 No Comment 72

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