Maujon Kaa Aks Hai Khat-E-Jaam-E-Sharaab Mein

Maujon Kaa Aks Hai Khat-E-Jaam-E-Sharaab Mein
Yaa Khuun Uchhal Rahaa Hai Rag-E-Maahataab Mein

Vo Maut Hai Ki Kahate Hain Jisako Sukuun Sab
Vo Ain Zindagii Hai Jo Hai Iztaraab Mein

Dozakh Bhii Ek Jalvaa-E-Firdaus Se Husn Hai
Jo Is Se Bekhabar Hain Vahii Hain Azaab Mein

Us Din Bhii Merii Ruuh Thii Mahv-E-Nishaat-E-Diid
Muusaa Ulajh Gae The Savaal-O-Javaab Men

Main Iztaraab-E-Shauq Kahuun Yaa Jamaal-E-Dost
Ik Barq Hai Jo Kaundh Rahii Hai Naqaab Mein

More Shayari by Asghar Gondvi
06 Nov 2008 1 Comment 11

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