Marriage And Love

Marriage Gives Life To Love And Love Gives Life To Marriage.
In Marriage, Love Means:
To Know In Your Heart You Were Meant Only For Each-Other.
That Heaven Grew You Apart And Brought You Together After
The Time You Were Meant To Be Molded To Fit Each-Other.
To Discover What It Is To Be Best Friends Forever.
To Discover What It Is To Love Someone More Than Yourself.
To Discover You Are Actually Only A Half And How Much
You Need The Other To Be Complete.
To Discover The Bonds That Form When Times Get Tough.
To Discover How Much More Joy Is Multiplied When There Is Someone You Love To Share It With.
Each Day Is A Day Of Discovery, A Day To Build Your Love, A Day To Make Your Bond Stronger.

Marriage Is:
To Together Choose One Way, Not One’s Own Way.
To Respect And Honor With Love The Other Over Oneself Or Anyone Else.
To Compromise With Each-Other But Never Compromising Each-Other.
To Know You Are Loved, Wanted And Needed Whether You Are Fat Or Thin, Well Or Ill, Chirpy Or Grumpy.
To Live Life’s Summer, Winter, Autumn And Spring Always Being There For One Another.
To Blend As One That Over The Years You Feel As One And Speak As One.
To Honor Marriage Is To Honor Its Maker. To Commit In Marriage Is To Commit To Its Maker.

Dennisa Davidson

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