Main Bazahir Thehri Hoey Jheel Ki Manind

Main Bazahir Thehri Hoey Jheel Ki Manind
Jis Ki Bhi Choti Si Muharek Dunya Hay Aur

Zameen Kay Saath Her Waqt Gardish Main
Haan Laikin Itni Sakit To Nahi

Sadyoon Say Aik Hi Jaga Jamid Pahaar
Jin Kay Ander Anasir Ka Musalsal Taghayer

Kabhi Koela Kabhi Sona Kabhi Atish Fishani
Haan Laikin Itnay Jamid To Nahi

Jaisay Bay Jaan Aur Sunsaan Qabrain
Chup Chaap Andhairoon Main Kahin

Pur Mehak Roshni To Kahin Dardnaak Azab
Haan Laikin Itni Bay Jaan To Nahi

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22 Oct 2017 No Comment 8

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