Maajrah Kyaa Hai Kabhi Bhi Naheen Bataatey Ho?

Maajrah Kyaa Hai: Kabhi Bhi Naheen Bataatey Ho?
‘Zald Jaanaa Hai’ Baarahaa Yahee Sunaatey Ho

Mujhey Bataaou To Aakhir Yeh Chaleygaa Kab Tak?
Mein Bulaataa Hoon, To Aatey Ho, Chaley Jaatey Ho

Kab Khatam Hogi Roz-Roz Ki Aawaa-Jaahii?
Hijra Key Dour Beyshumaar Liye Aatey Ho

Maantaa Hoon Ki Gulandaam Ho, Gulaab Naheen
Gulfishaanee Key Liye Bhi Naheen Bulaatey Ho?

Aamdey Mein Naseem; Loutney Mein Baad-E-Dawaan
Baag-E-Atshaan Hoon: Ao, Bey-Aab Abra Laatey Ho?

‘rooh Sey Apnee, Ab, ‘abd’ Judaa Rahey Kaisey?
Waqaar-E-Ishq Baar-Baar Aazmaatey Ho?

More Shayari by Abd Bundeli (Ram Prakash Garg)
16 Feb 2020 No Comment 10

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