Love Wins

I Remember The Times
When I Stood Taking Pictures
Of The Brides And Grooms
My Mind Filled With Laughter
I Would Laugh Eternally At The Mistake
I Felt They Made
With Each Click Of The Shutter I Would Think
God, You Will Never Catch Me Standing At The Alter.

I Remember Listening And Laughing
As The Old Folks Would Say Adages Such As
Never Say Never
Anything Can Happen
I Can Still Hear My Grandma
As She Would Say
It Happens To The Best Of Us
One Day My Dear It Will Happen To You

And It Did
As I Stood There Camera In Hand
Feeling The Warm Summer Breeze
As It Wrapped Around My Body

I Began To Think
And Dream
I Stood Staring At
A Man And A Wife
As They Stood
Poised On The Stone,
Steps Of The Church
Thoughts I Had Never Had Before
Began Flowing Through My Mind
I Questioned My Past Feelings
Instead Of Laughter
My Mind Was Filled With
Maybes And What Ifs

I Began To Day Dream
Of The Perfect Man
One Who Would Never Give Up A Fight.
A Man Who Would Dry Away My Tears
While Telling Me To Overcome My Fears
A Man Who Would Love Me For Who I Am Inside,
A Man Who Will Still Be Standing By My Side,
Even Though Everything Has Gone Wrong
And Now As I Sit
In Some Small Room
I Begin
Wondering How Did I Get Here
Thinking About The Decisions I Have Made
Memories Of Our Past Come Flooding Back
Each Moment Of Sorrow
As I Turned My Back
Each Moment Of Joy
As I Stood In Your Arms Once Again
Are Fresh In My Mind.

Memories Of….
The First Moment I Saw You
The Ragged Man On The Hill
Watching From A Respectful Distance
Nothing Seemed To Be In Your Way
Your Face Was Stern And Unforgiving
Yet Peaceful And Loving All In The Same Moment

I Dreamed Of How It Would Happen
The Moment You Would Walk Up To Me
Sweep Me Off My Feet
Announce Your Love To Me.

As You Walked Closer I Felt My Heart Flutter
My Mind Began To Race
You Didn’t Use Any Extravagant Phrases
Such As
I Have Come For You Madam
I Have Loved You In My Dreams
Instead As You Walked By
You Leaned Into My Ear
And Whispered In A Low Sweet Tone
A Tone I Had Never Heard Before

“Can You Feel It”
I Turned In The Light
Seeking Out Your Face
You Smiled And Left
I Had Never Seen That Smile Before

I Remember Laying In Bed That Evening
Looking Up At The Stars
To Re-Create Your Motives
And Your Movements

One Memory Quickly Fades Into Another
Like A Channel Changing On The Television
I Can Remember The Dark Day
When I Kept My Emotions Under My Sleeve
I Blocked Out The Screams Coming From My Heart
I Stood Strong Without Even A Quiver In My Voice

“I Cant Let This Go On”
“This Will Never Work”
“I Need To End This Before I Get Hurt”

I’d Almost Forgotten How Much I Cared
As I Stood There
You Never Cried
You Didn’t Even Blink
You Just Stared
I Turned And Walked Away
As Your Enchanting Smile
Slowly Began To Fade

Just As Quickly As The Memory
Of That Dark Day Came
It Faded Into The Memory
Of The Best Day Of My Life

I Can Remember As If It Were Yesterday
The Smell Of The Water
And The Feel Of Your Touch
As We Stood
On The Dingy Beach
Of That Man Made Lake

I Remember Feeling Like I Was In A Dream
As I Sat There With Your Arms Wrapped Around
The Sun Had Rolled Up Her Rug
The Evening Expired In A Yawn Of Stars
The Dream Became A True Fantasy
As You Turned And Grabbed My Hand
You Looked Deep In My Eyes
You Recapped Each Moment
From The First Night
Through The Present

Without Even As Much As A Pause
You Leaned In And Kissed Me
Slow, Soft, And Delicate
I Can Still See The Twinkle In Your Eyes
They Were Like The Stars
In The Darkness Of The Night
It Was In That Moment You Asked
“Will You Marry Me”
There Was No Need To Say Anything At All
I Just Looked At You With A Smile And
Tears In My Eye
From Memories Back To The Reality
I Awake From My Day Dream
With Each Step I Take
I Hear A Melody Of Music That
Is All To Familiar From The Past
The Melody That Is Streaming Through The Air
Isn’t Half As Loud
As The Tune Humming In My Heart
A Tune That Has Become So Familiar To Me.
As I Walk Down The Isle
I Look At Your Face
I Smile And Mentally Try To Tell You

You’ll Find I Won’t Put Up A Fight.
I’m Ready Now, Let Love Begin
For I Have Finally Gave Up
And Let Love Win!

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