Love Was A Bore

Why Hadn’t I Noticed This Before?
Why Did I Think That Love Was A Bore?

It Is A Feeling So Crazy
Yet, Sometimes It Can Be So Hazy

Sometimes It Makes You Feel At The Top Of The World
Sometimes It Makes You Feel Like Everything Has Unfurled

But Sometimes, Love Makes You Yearn To Die
Sometimes, It Seems Wrong, Like A Lie

Love Is Pure And Innocent,
But Others Make It Look Like A Sin

You’re Happy When The Other One Is
You’re Sad When The Other One Is

When You Don’t Meet Him, It Feels Like Time Has Stopped
Like Something Was Floating Merrily, And Has Now Just Dropped

I Feel Like This, But I Don’t Know
If I Have Fallen In Love, I Don’t Know

They Say Everyone Falls In Love At Least Once
So Have I Fallen For It Too?

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17 Aug 2008 No Comment 4

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